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  1. Hemant Birje
  2. Jasmin
  3. Sahila Chaddha
  4. Kulbhushan Kharbanda
  5. Satish Shah
  6. Vijayendra Ghatge
  7. Gulshan Grover
  8. Rama Vij
  9. Rajesh Vivek
A village is terrorized by an evil witch, Nikita, who seduces men and brutally murder's them. Thakur Sameer apprehends Nikita and hangs her in front of the village. However Nikita's disciple's drag her corpse and prepare to resurrect her. Her evil priest decides to use the body of Sameer's niece, Jasmin to house the spirit of Nikita. Successful in his evil act, he brings Jasmin to his father Thakur Mahendra and claims to have rescued her in the jungle and also announces the death of Sameer. Soon Jasmin controlled by the spirit of Nikita behaves strangely and kills her aunt, which is covered up as a suicide. After the trauma, Thakur Mahendra sends Sameer's daughter Preeti to grow up in Mumbai, while Jasmin remains with him. After many years Preeti comes back to meet her uncle and cousin Jasmin. Meanwhile, in the area, brutal murders are occurring, and everyone is baffled. Soon Preeti finds out the truth about Jasmin who goes on a killing spree and is unstoppable. How much blood will be shed till Nikita has her revenge? Can Jasmin be freed of the evil spirit before its too late?

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