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Sooryavansham Hindi Movie Download


  1. Amitabh Bachchan
  2. Soundarya
  3. Rachana Banerjee
  4. Anupam Kher
  5. Jayasudha
  6. Mukesh Rishi
  7. Shivaji Satham
  8. Kader Khan
Thakur Bhanupratap Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) is a highly respected and feared head of the village. He has three sons; the youngest named Heera (Amitabh in a dual role) is treated like a servant because he is the most illiterate of the family. Heera is an obedient son and always respectful of his father despite his father's indifference. His father is enraged when Heera proposes to marry his childhood sweetheart, Gauri (Rachana Banerjee); and even more angered when Heera backs down albeit at the request of Gauri, and refuses to marry her. Heera is shunned by one and all in the family, including Gauri. At this time, Radha (Soundarya) enters Heera's life; understanding his gentle and kind manner, she falls in love with Heera and marries him. Amidst many harsh curcumstances, both struggle in life and become successful. Heera becomes a businessman, and Radha becomes the collector proving everyone who said they will be ruined wrong. Soon, they are blessed with a son and Heera fulfills what was once his father's dream, a charitable hospital for the poor. But Bhanupratap Singh's arch nemesis, Khewara Thakur surfaces to create menace in everyone's life and it is up to Heera to put an end to his wickedness. Will Khewara Thakur succeed in executing his evil plan? Will Thakur Bhanupratap and Heera unite?

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Sooryavansham by Anu Malik

Chori Chori - 7:19 - saavn
Sooryavansham - 2:00 - saavn
Dil Mere (1) - 5:43 - saavn


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