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  1. Emraan Hashmi
  2. Udita Goswami
  3. Dino Morea
  4. Tara Sharma
  5. Suresh Menon
  6. Rajat Bedi
  7. Firdaus Mewawala
  8. Ameya Wagh
Rajveer Singh is of East Indian origin and lives a very wealthy lifestyle in London, England along with his wife, former Indian model, Sheena. He finds her devoted but a little bit too possessive, and since they have signed a prenuptial agreement, he cannot divorce her. When Ricky comes to London for a photo shoot, he pays him Thirty Lakh rupees to seduce Sheena, Ricky agrees to do that as he is in debt. For this purpose Ricky is permitted to live in the Singh's mansion. At first Sheena shows hatred for Ricky, as he had ditched her friend, Nisha, but she subsequently succumbs to Ricky's charm. Rajveer then has a change of heart and finds he still loves Sheena, so he decides to pay Ricky Fifty Lakh rupees - this time to leave them - but Ricky refuses. Rajveer makes it up to Sheena by celebrating her birthday lavishly. It is on the night of the birthday that Ricky will be murdered, and this case will be assigned to Chief Investigating Officer Steve Bakshi - who has two suspects - Rajveer himself and the second one being none other than Sheena. Watch what happens when Steve decides to arrest Sheena for Ricky's murder.

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